To meet the varied needs of a diverse gaming market and following the very successful reception of its first product (Texas Hold’em), Poker8 went on to develop another popular variation of poker that is known as 6 Cards Poker. Through this product, players get to enjoy receiving the first-hand experience of enjoying stunning visuals while also putting their poker playing skills to the real test. Designed to be engaging and to exude an edgy vibe, Poker8’s 6 Cards Poker provides players with a state of the art online poker platform with which to challenge real players from all over the world.

Card Deck

  • Joker Deck (52 cards + 2 jokers)
  • Normal Deck (52 cards)

No Of Player

  • Min 2 Players
  • Max 4 Players

Game Play Step

  1. Each player will receive 6 cards using the entire deck
  2. Each player must break these 6 cards into three sets of poker hands: three-card hand (bottom), two-card hand (middle), and one-card hand (top)
  3. Bottom hand (strongest 3-card poker hand of all three hands)
  4. Middle hand consists of 2-card hand (worse than the bottom hand but stronger than the top hand)
  5. Top hand consists of 1-card hand.

Showdown and Scoring

  • In scoring, players will compare each specific hand (top, middle and bottom) with every other player’s hand of the same type.
  • There are various stakes available in 6 Cards Poker. Each point is equivalent to the stake value. For instance, if the stakes is $5, each point is $5 and $10 stake equals to $10 per point.
  • The better hand earns a point off of the player with the weaker hand. Refer below for examples.

Special Rules

  1. Scooping:
    • When a player scoops (wins all three hands against one player), this player will win a bonus (total points x 2)
  2. Home Run:
    • Second scenario of scooping would be when a player scoops all other players, this player will win a double bonus (total points x 3), this is called a Home Run.


Hand Examples and Calculations.



6Cards Poker are available in these sites listed below.  Create an account & you are ready to start your game. All the Best !

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